Joe Pulcinella - Architectural Photographer

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About Joe

After attending Antonelli Institute, I started photographing professionally in and around the Philadelphia area in 1989. Back then, I shot large and medium format film for such clients as Wills Eye Hospital, Mutual of New York, and Scudder Financial.

In 2004, I  switched over to weddings where my expertise in editorial-style lighting set me apart from other photographers in the area. 

Now, my focus (no pun intended) is on making architectural images. A professionally-designed building is a mix of engineering and humanity. They are made to be an extension of us and I find that amazing.

Having grown up in the Philadelphia area, I was privileged to live around so many incredible, historic buildings - many of which predate our country. I volunteer my spare time to photographing these structures. It's my way of giving back and preserving them.

I've recently been applying my knowledge of architectural photography to shooting jets. Powered flight is an amazing human achievement and I'm fortunate to be one of the handful of photographers who get up close to these aircraft.

My goal is simply to provide 100% client satisfaction. Your success means that I’ve done my job. Whether it's a commercial property, residential, historic, or even an airplane, you'll get images that will convert to new clients.